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High Performance

High Performance


Arcane groups eminent designers had made this major elevator which has special disc brakes for high performance. These elevator drives are mostly installed in multi-story buildings. The dual function brakes help in preventing the elevator cars exactly at the correct floor level and also slow up the cars in emergencies. The minimum disc thickness required for this is considered to be 20 mm, with a diameter of 1000 mm.

Arcane's high-performance lift is designed especially for mid and high-range buildings. Its significant features result in a broad range of interior possibilities, superb ride comfort, and wonderful eco-efficiency.

The high-frequency conversion and adaptable pressure speed regulation can automatically calculate layer by layer stand between the best speed curves. The power supply voltage and frequency speed along with the affordable load has to be effortlessly controlled. Our team has ensured such efficient performance requirements by maximizing the energy and promoting the purpose of environmental protection.


The control system adopts microcomputer network control. When it detects more than anyone crash condition, automatic detection is happening. It is one of the special models which shows fault code and bans the starting operation. Thus these high-performance elevators provide optimum security.



Considering the eco-friendly part, high-performance elevators use low starting current without compromising on high efficiency. It saves energy of about 50% and above. Along with that, the pressure regulating speed (ACVV) can also be calculated at nearly 30% which saves more energy.