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Hospital Elevators

Hospital Elevators


Hospital elevators are among the highest security-oriented elevators. The special frequency changer takes the control theory of advanced technology as the foundation of functioning. The start, speeding up and brake curves are designed according to the ergonomic theory to get the smoothest experience. It is a candid current vector control variable frequency drive.

The hospital elevators are mainly composed of micro switches which ensures reversing of closing doors in case of any physical contact with people or objects. 

 As we know that the hospital lifts need to be kept open for a bit longer time to transport the stretchers as well as wheelchairs. To ensure smooth movement for this, the hold button facilitates to open for a bit longer time to ensure safe loading.

There are basically two important models for this. One with more accommodation facilities for medical equipment’s or hospital beds and the other which can easily carry up to two stretchers. These elevators function on effective and timely maintenance and a 24hour on call facility. It is one of the easiest ways to transport patients and the medical staff from one floor to another. It is actually a blessing to ease the commuting after surgeries or complicated medications.