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Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator


The elevator is one of the most dependable means of transportation in almost all sectors. It is a type of vertical transportation that transports people or goods between various floors in buildings. They are generally powered by electric motors that either drive grip cables and counterweight systems. Taking agriculture and manufacturing into consideration, an elevator is used to lift materials in an incessant stream into bins or storage towers. There are different types such as the chain and bucket elevator, paddles or forks of hay elevators etc.

Referring to history, it started being famous in the coal mines. The middle of the 19th century witnessed the elevators getting operated with the help of steam power and they were used for moving goods in mines and factories. Those were of great help that the huge quantities could be easily transferred to the required height with the help of elevators. Later on, high powered engines came into the picture which helped in commuting products and machinery.

A passenger elevator is intended to move people between a building’s floors or into various departments. Passenger elevators capacity is linked to the obtainable floor space. Usually passenger elevators are existing in sizes from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds (450–2,700 kg) in 500 lb. (230 kg) additions.

Looking into the speed of the passenger elevators, they can easily reach buildings with eight or fewer floors. Commonly passenger elevators in buildings with these many numbers floors use hydraulic or traction, which can speed up to 200 ft. /min (1.0 m/s) hydraulic and up to 500 ft./min traction. On the other hand, the buildings up to ten floors, traction, and gearless elevators are likely to have sped up to 500 ft./min (2.5 m/s), and above ten floors speeds begin at 500 ft./min (2.5 m/s) up to 2000 ft./min (10 m/s).

Passenger elevator’s special occurrence (frequency) changer considers the control theory of the advanced technology as the groundwork. The twitch, speeding up and brake curves are specifically designed according to the ergonomic theory to get the finest relaxation. It is an unaffected current vector control variable frequency drive system. The super comfortable & Silent VVVF drive ensures Fuji-HD functions more efficiently. The technically advanced noise control system ensures the passenger a peaceful riding experience. Safe & Reliable machine room which has proper arrangements for sufficient maintenance space. Every part has come after the reliability test which ensures a smooth running elevator. The application of a permanent magnet synchronous motor changes the traditional drive mode of traction machine, which is led to noisy and more effective. Professional maintenance and installation make sure quality service is long-lasting. Apart from all these, the availability of a nationwide service network guarantees maximum insurance protection. Graceful exterior design and glorious car decoration meet individual demands from diverse occasions. All these come with an eco-friendly permanent magnetic synchronous drive which saves up to 60% energy consumption. It is made possible because of a lubricate free motor.