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Observation Elevator

An observation elevator allows the passengers to view the surroundings while traveling.

Passenger Elevator

The elevator is one of the most depended means of transportation in almost all sectors.

Home Elevator

Home lifts/ elevators deal with commuting between different floors in a private property.

High Performance

Arcane groups eminent designers had made this major elevator which has special disc brakes.

Hospital Elevator

Hospital elevators are one among the highly security oriented elevators.

Car Lift

A vehicle lift/ car lift concerns to be one of the key areas of concentration.

Platform Lift

There should be proper consideration given to people who have difficulties in using lifts.

Goods Lift

Goods lift are specially meant for industrial Purpose because it deals with the transportation of goods.

Stair Lift

A stair lift will make your life, and the life of the person you are caring for, easier and safer.

Escalator & Moving Walk

International standard manufacturing Fuji elevator strictly implement European standard.