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Elevator & Escalator Maintenance The safety of elevator and escalator equipment is dependent on its proper maintenance and use. Abuse, neglect and improper maintenance of elevators and escalators can result in the creation of safety hazards. Sometimes it seems to take a little long to follow safety procedures but over the long haul following safe work practice is a real time saver. At Arcane We develop a maintenance plan for each unit to assure proper preventive maintenance, while many units may have similar maintenance plans we provide a specific plan for each unit which is continuously revised and updated as equipment ages. Proper maintenance can help extend the working life of your lift or escalator. If you keep your current lift well maintained and incorporate new legislative requirements, you could avoid having to go to the expense of a whole refurbishment or even worse total replacement. We believe in the benefits of maintenance but you should remember that true maintenance takes time. We all know time costs money so please don’t expect good maintenance for a premium that cannot cover the cost of the engineer's visits. If you already have a lift under a service contract, next time the engineer calls, take a look in the pit under the lift and you’ll see what we mean. For our service. We will quote you the cost of carrying out the work and that means preventative pro-active engineering maintenance. We can arrange a maintenance contract that includes scheduled visits and inspections tailored to your usage as well as an emergency number for out of hours calls.


We will visit the site to inspect your lift and discuss pricing. Ultimately, as the customer, you decide how your service contract will run. It’s our job to advise you on the options and potential consequences of differing levels of maintenance. We will inform our customers over the entire spectrum of lift related topics assessments on existing conditions, equipment, etc. We understand that if we can reduce the number of call-outs by value-based maintenance, you save money and we keep our customers that’s how we care for our clients.

At Arcane we make sure that all the equipment is periodically examined, lubricated, adjusted and tested to minimize breakdown, prolong equipment life and maintain safe, efficient, reliable performance.

Preventive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is usually included as part of a preventive maintenance program, but it may be a separate activity performed by our technicians’ crew by specialist in particular cases.

Predictive Maintenance

Elevator Life Care program that analyses thoroughly the condition of an elevator or escalator. The service helps to plan what, when and how to modernize. Elevator Life Care program will bring new life to your building.

Elevator Life Care Program