A vehicle lift/ car lift concerns to be one of the key areas of concentration in most of the service and repair inlets. As this contributes to be one of the integral part of the vehicle maintenance and repairing, there are several industries working on the improvement of this area. It is one of the most commonly used thing than other facilities. Arcane group’s extraordinary quality and durability adds value to the product. The necessity of market had given us more strength in developing a lift product which has convinced several customers. Meeting up to world standards,

Arcane has achieved the trust and acclaim of various companies. There are different types of auto lifts available in market. Some of them are: two post surface mounted lift, multi post runway, drive on parallelogram, scissors, in ground, wheel engaging mobile units, low/midrise frame engaging etc. Usually these lifts are functioning mechanically, hydraulically or electronically. There will be a start or end button to control the process and the weight of the vehicle will be adjusted according to each type of auto lift. Some of the auto lifts has the shut off bar to enhance the working. The initiation of wheel free service becomes trending in auto lift.