There should be proper consideration given to people who have difficulties in using lifts or escalators. In order to solve such issues, the world came with the invention of platform lifts. A Platform Lift is mainly intended to give reasonably priced access to people who have trouble with stairs. They operates between two or more floors with fully enclosed shafts/ rectangular tube. It has relatively smooth/ soft internal walls. Usually an L shaped platform moves up and down the shaft which carries the wheel chairs or people. The shaft of the lifts are constructed with opaque walls or shining

ones. At times it comes with a combination of both. It is very much suitable for the people who has difficulty in climbing stairs, the cost incurred for the construction and maintenance are comparatively less to that of conventional lifts, it needs very less space or a lifting beam for the operation. Apart from all these qualities, it is more trust worthy, quiet and beneficial to own and operate.